School Exchange trip to Romania and Germany

Within the project NaviNatur-School Exchange between Germany and Romania sponsorships between schools in both countries have arisen through the GPS-Education-Routing: On the German side the Marion-Dönhoff-Gymnasium Mölln, the Haupt- und Realschule Salzhausen and the Integrierte Gesamtschule Lüneburg are involved, in Romania the Liceul Teoretic Joseph Haltrich Sighisoara (Bergschule Schäßburg) and the Secondary School Sf. Gheorghe/Danube Delta.

In our forum you will learn more about the experiences of the pupils.



Between 02. and 11. October 2012 the pupils from the Secondary School Sf. Gheorghe went to Germany to visit their partner schools, the IGS Lüneburg and the Haupt- and Realschule Salzhausen. The following program was planned: 

Tuesday, 02.10.2012
18.05 Arrival of the students in Hamburg 

Wednesday, 03.10.2012
11.00 Welcoming, GPS tour in Salzhausen

14.00 - 17.00 Presentation of the program, Welcome party with all pupils and parents in the Gemeinschaftshaus Garlstorf

Thursday, 04.10.2012

07.45 Welcoming by the head of the IGS Lüneburg

08.30 Welcoming by the head of the HRS Salzhausen

09.00 - 15.00 Work on POIs

Friday, 05.10.2012

11.00 - 12.00 official reception in the Lüneburger town hall

12.00 - 13.30 Uhr GPS tour in Lüneburg

11.30 - 13.30 Leisure time

15.30 - 17.00 Work on POIs in the IGS Lüneburg

17.00  party and overnight stay in the school  

Saturday, 06.10.2012
08.00 Work on POIs 

15.00 music theater "Die chinesische Nachtigall", theater Lüneburg 

Sunday, 07.10.2012
leisure time

Monday, 08.10.2012
09.00 - 17.00 excursion to Hamburg 

Tuesday, 09.10.2012
08.00 - 13.00 participation in school

Wednesday, 10.10.2012
09.00 - 11.00 GPS-testtour Nds. Elbtalaue/Bleckede

11.00 - 12.00 visit of the museum

15.00 - 17.00  farewell party Elbschloß Bleckede

Thursday, 11.10.2012
06.00 Return Flight



Between 10. and 18. September 2012 the pupils from the Lyceul Teoretic Joseph Haltrich Sighisoara (Siebenbürgen) traveled to Mölln to visit their partner school, the Marion-Dönhoff-Gymnasium. The following program was planned:

Monday, 10.09.2012
Train journey from Sighisoara to Mölln

19.28 Departure Sighisoara

Tuesday, 11.09.2012
18.08 Arrival in Büchen, Welcoming, Getting to know the host families

Wednesday, 12.09.2012
08.00 Welcome by Mr. Siebörger and Frank Corleis

08.15 Presentation of the program by Lena Wäbs

08.30 Bus journey to the Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve

10.00 - 15.30 Excursion to the Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee with GPS-tour

17.00 - 21.00 Welcome party 

Thursday, 13.09.2012
from 07.30 Creation of own POIs

Friday, 14.09.2012
08.00 - 15.00 Creation of own POIs

Welcome by the mayor of Mölln 

Saturday, 15.09.2012
Leisure time (suggestion: Visit of Hamburg)

Sunday, 16.09.2012
trip to Lübeck and Travemünde

Monday, 17.09.2012
09.00 Departure to the Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve: Test GPS-tour

17.00 - 21.00  Farewell party

Tuesday, 18.09.2012
Return journey to Sighisoara: Departure Büchen at 09.50

Wednesday, 19.09.2012
Arrival in Sighisoara


Sf. Gheorghe

Between May 30 and June 08, 2012 the pupils at Haupt- und Realschule Salzhausen and the Integrierten Gesamtschule Lüneburg went to Sf. Gheorge (Danube Delta). The Secondary School Sf. Gheorghe can be reached only by water. Below the program:

Wednesday 30.05.2012

Flight from Hamburg via Vienna to Bucharest

City tour in Bucharest

Rail journey to Tulcea

Overnight stay in Tulcea

Thursday, 31.05.2012

Boat trip to Sf. Gheorghe with the boat of the National Environmental Guard

About 12.00 Arrival in Sf. Gheorghe, Getting to know the host families

Friday, 01.06.2012

International Children’s Day:

Many different activities like sports events and fashion show, organized by the school, took place.

In the evening: 'Get together'

Saturday, 02.06.2012

GPS-Tour in Sf. Gheorghe to the beach

Picnic at the Beach

Sunday, 03.06.2012

Whit Sunday

08.00 Visit to the Orthodox church

09.00 Visit of the Danube Delta Information Centre

11.00: Own GPS-tour creation in the school

Monday, 04.06.2012

Excursion to the Danube Delta to Sulina

Tuesday, 05.06.2012

Own GPS-tour creation 

Wednesday, 06.06.2012

Testing of the GPS-tour

Evening: Good bye party

Thursday, 07.06.2012

Departure with the boat to Tulcea

Visit of the Danube Delta History Museum

Train Journey to Bucharest

Overnight stay in Bucharest

Friday, 08.06.2012

Flight from Bucharest via Vienna to Hamburg



Between 03 and 12 May, 2012 the pupils at Marion-Dönhoff-Gymnasiums Mölln were travelling to Sighisoara (Siebenbürgen) to visit their partner school "Lyceul Teoretic Joseph Haltrich". The Romanian partner organisation Mioritics helped with the organisation and implementation of the seminar. The program looked as follows: 

Thursday 03.05.2012

Train journey from Mölln to Sighisoara

Friday, 04.05.2012
Arrival of the pupils from Mölln, Welcoming, Getting to know the host families

Saturday, 05.05.2012
Welcome by Mrs. Baier (Executive Board of the Bergschule Sighisoara) and Mioritics
Guided city tour (with GPS-tour) and 'Romanian evening'

Sunday, 06.05.2012
Leisure time activities

Monday, 07.05.2012
Full day excursion to the "Breite" (with GPS-tour)

Tuesday, 08.05.2012
Creation of own POIs

Wednesday, 09.05.2012
Excursion to Brasov/Kronstadt

Thursday, 10.05.2012
Test GPS-tour and farewell party

Friday, 11.05.2012
Return journey to Mölln