Schülerbericht Montag, 08. Oktober 2012

Schülerbericht Montag, 08. Oktober 2012

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On Monday we met at the train station in Lüneburg and drove to Hamburg. In Winsen/Luhe the people from Salzhausen joined us. In Hamburg we visited the „Rickmer Rickmers“. We learned a lot about the ship. We from Germany had an own tour and the people from Romania had an own tour. The ship is from the year 1896 and 97 meters long and 12, 20 meters wide. The tour for the Germans was with the manager of the ship. After that we drove with a ferry to the „Docklands“. There we saw a big office house and we went on it and did a group picture. After that we took the ferry again to the port of Hamburg. There we went to the next train station and drove with the train to the mayor house. Then we had free time and we went to H&M and to the „Europa Passage”, a big shopping center. At the toys shop the children from Romania bought some things. After that we had to go again to the mayor house, because we met the others.

As we were at the mayor house, two students said: “You must participate in the biggest flash mop of the world.”.We went to the place and we had to scream very loud. We did it. Then we went again to the central station of Hamburg and we drove home. The people from Salzhausen went out in Winsen/Luhe and we drove to Lüneburg. It was a nice trip. After that Theo and me went to my football training. There we did little pass games and played football. Back home we had dinner with my parents, brushed our teeth, had a shower and went to bed.

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