11 - Schülerbericht, Sonntag, 07. Oktober 2012

11 - Schülerbericht, Sonntag, 07. Oktober 2012

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This day we had a day off. We could do whatever we like.
Our family and the family from Kolja and Radu met at 9:15 at the firefighter house in Garlstorf. Together we drove to the “Serengeti Park” in Hodenhagen. At first we started a trip with a bus through the park. The driver told us a lot about the animals we saw. We saw lions, rhinos, giraffes, antelopes, tigers and some little ponies. It was very funny when a giraffe had a look in the bus. The driver gave her some fruit and we saw her very long blue tongue. After that we stayed at the elephant house and took pictures of the elephant baby “Nelly”. At the end of the tour we had a little break. Then we went to the monkeys. At first we went to the lemurs. They were very nice and sweet because they took a sunbath and that looked very funny. A few minutes later we took part in a jungle safari. The driver from the jeep was a bit crazy but we had a lot of fun. At 13:30 we had a break in the restaurant “ZANZIBA”. We ate a tasty lunch before we went to the amusement park. There we stayed the rest of the day. We drove with many roller Coasters and other rides. At the end of the day we were very tired and looked forward to go home.

from Laura and Delia
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