05 - Schülerbericht, Donnerstag 04. Oktober 2012

05 - Schülerbericht, Donnerstag 04. Oktober 2012

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At 800 o´clock we met the headmaster of the HRS Salzhausen. She welcomed us. After that we began to work on the POI´s. One of the POI is named ferry and the other, Biosphere Reserve. We wrote the text, the picture and other things. At 11 o´clock the “Wochenblatt” came and took pictures and did an interview. Afterwards the “Winsener Anzeiger” came and made pictures and an interview, too. We finished the work at the POI´s at 13 o´clock. After that we had free time to eat and do something else. In the afternoon some people went to Lüneburg to go shopping. Other people met their friends, played games or rode their bicycles.

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