02 - Schülerbericht, Mittwoch 03. Oktober 2012

02 - Schülerbericht, Mittwoch 03. Oktober 2012

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At 11 o´ clock we met at the Oberschule in Salzhausen. All the people from Romania, Germany and the familys from the Lüneburger people were there.

Then we started the GPS-Tour. There were 5 POI´s. One POI about the nature, the station and the connections to Lüneburg, trade routes and the water quality. After the GPS-Tour we had lunch in Garlstorf, which the parents of the Salzhausen pupils had prepared for us and our families. After lunch we made a picture with all the pupils. A lot of children played Basketball in the parish hall. At 17 o´ clock the most people drove home, after we had cleaned up the tables and the parish hall.

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