Monday, 4.6.2012

Monday, 4.6.2012

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Excursion to Sulina

We had to get up very early, because we wanted to drive with boats to Sulina, the only town in the Danube Delta. After we were divided into seven small groups, we drove with fisherboats to Sulina. The fathers of the host families drove us. We needed about 90 Minutes and we took a detour to two lakes: The red lake and the Tataru. When we were back at the Sulina channel, it had been only ten kilometers to Sulina. At 10.15 h we saw the first houses and 15 Minutes later we arrived at Sulina. One of the seven boats arrived about 20 Minutes later, because it was slower than the others.

After a short walk we visited an old lighthouse and the local church. Than we went to a restaurant to have a rest and drink lots of water, because it was so hot. At 13.00 h we all went to the beach. On the way we saw four dogs chasing a cat, but the cat was faster. We stayed on the beach for more than one hour. The water was great and we had lots of fun. At 15.00 h we went back to the boats and the fishermen drove us back to Sf. Gheorghe. On the way we saw three pelicans and the Nalodona Sea. After two hours we arrived Sf. Gheorghe and everybody went home with the host children.

It was a very good day, especially the boat trip!

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