Sunday, 3.6.2012

Sunday, 3.6.2012

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Visit of the church, the information centre of the Danube Delta and POI creation

Today we met at 8.00 h on the Orthodox Church from Sf. Gheorghe. The priest told us that the church burned down three times already, but some of the pictures survived and you can still see them in the church.

At the Information Centre we got to know a lot about the Danube Delta. There are three arms. The Sf. Gheorghe arm is the most southern arm of the Danube and the oldest. Lili from the Centre prepared a power-point-presentation and we saw a film about the development of the Delta.

In the afternoon we created our POIs. My topic is 'Using plants' and we found many examples of them in the village, like the green onion, potatoes and carrots. We wrote a text about this topic, took some photographs and found a good place for the POI.

It was very hot today and this ist the reason, why it was very hard to work. On the other hand we are very happy, that we have such a nice weather, especially in the evenings we enjoyed the wonderful sunset.

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Zurück zu Schulaustausch zwischen Sf. Gheorghe und Lüneburg/Salzhausen vom 30. Mai bis 8. Juni 2012

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