Saturday, 2.6.2012

Saturday, 2.6.2012

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Today we met at school at 10.00 h. After we got the GPS devices, we discussed about how to use them. The Romanian pupils prepared five Points of Interest for us, so we startet the tour through the village, along the Danube and to the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea. At any point there was a audio, pictures and texts. At each point we learned very interesting things about the biosphere reserve, for example about pelicans, eagles, the pillboxes, the tourism and the Danube.

At the beach we had a picnic. Our host mothers prepared lunch boxes for us, it was very delicious. After the lunch we got together in groups and every group became a topic for their POI. My group will work to fishes in the Danube Delta. We got some homework, that we had to think about how we want to create our POI, so our group discussed already how many pictures we want to use, which pictures, where we want to put the POI and we started with the research.

The afternoon we went swimming in the Black Sea, because it was so hot!

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