Friday, 1.6.2012

Friday, 1.6.2012

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International Childrens Day

We met at 9.00 h in the school. Our host kids took a lot of animals to the school, because there was a beauty contest for horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, fishes and cocks. The jury looked for every animal and made notes. Than the little Rumanian kids started to play football. When the finished the German and Rumanian football players began.

We waited a bit until the jury gave the prizes for the winner of the animal competition. The prizes were specially for the animals, lika a bone for a dog. At least the Rumanian kids started a bike race.

From 12.00-13.00 h we had a break. We went home and had lunch. Afther lunch we met again at school. There we got very good things to eat. Different kinds of cakes, cherries, strawberries and some juice. Then we went together to the beach. It is beautiful there - long white sand beach with a lot of different shells. The water was cold, but many pupil went swimming. We had fun playing in the water and on the beach!

Last but not least we had a "come-together" party at school with music and lots of food. We danced and talked to eachother. Very tired and happy we went home.

Lara, Madalina, Laura and Delia
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